ON GOING Electromechanical Installations, testing and commissioning of 161kv substation LS Company LTD, Korea
ON GOING Electromechanical Installations, Testing and commissioning of 330kv SUBSTATION in Ahomaso  Kumasi LS Company Ltd, Korea
 2016 Construction of a storage facility at Bekwai GS &EC, Korea
2016 Construction of a Storage Facility including all electrical works in Dunkwa GS &EC, Korea
2015 161/34kv, Obotan Grid connection Project Substation, including Testing and commisioning Cardno BEC/GRIDCO
2015 Construction of 30km 30km 161kv transmission line for AsankoGold Project Cardno BEC/GRIDCO Australia
2014 Construction of a laydown area (200mx200m) WBHO, Asanko Gold Project
2013 Construction of a new Carbon-in leach plant for the Obuasi Mine Webb constructions
2012 Provision of labour for manual cleaning of ponds 1&3 AngloGold Ashanti Obuasi mine
2011 Construction 16km inner and outer perimeter fence at pond 2 and 3 AngloGold Ashanti Obuasi mine



Peniel Engineering and Supply has a very strong commitment to health and safety and has extensive systems in place to ensure continuous improvement and the protection of the health and safety of its staff, clients, contractors and the general public. Peniel Engineering and Supply commits to an Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement and specific and relevant safe work procedures.
  • Entry medicals for all workers
  • Induction of all for workers into safety procedures and annual refresher training sessions before they go on site
  • Provision of all protective equipment for all jobs done in the plant
  • A documented Incident or Accident investigation procedure
  • A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) system for identifying hazards, evaluating risks and implementing controls.
  • A contractor and consultant assessment process to evaluate, amongst other things, the skills and competency and commitment of contractors to carry out work in a safe manner.
  • A customized Return to Work Plan for injured employees as required.
  • Exit medicals for all workers


  • Secondary Current Injection test set
  • Primary Injection Test Set
  • Current Transformer Analyzer
  • Insulation Resistance Test Set(10kV)
  • Relay Calibration Test Set
  • Instrument transformer ratiometer
  • Multimeter
  • Circuit Breaker Analyzer
  • Capacitance /PF Test set

  • SF6 gas Analyzer
  • Transformer Turns ratiometer
  • Transformer winding resistance tester
  • Contact resistance tester
  • SF6 gas leakage detector
  • Oil Dielectric strengh tester
  • DGA tester(GE)
  • Transformer oil Treatment Plant(Hire)